Wind Therapy

What is Wind Therapy?

What is Wind Therapy?

Growing up we were told that riding motorcycles were dangerous, and although this is true, it has some real health benefits.  Some UCLA researchers and Harley Davidson teamed up to study these benefits.

Wind therapy is often used by Vets or people suffering from a trauma, a special kind of therapy that is achieved by riding motorcycle and the freedom that comes along with it. Wind therapy reduces stress, increases focus and a sense of awareness.

We all know that riding a motorcycle comes with a higher risk than driving a car, but to a select few of us, the rewards outweigh the risks.  The feeling of the wind on your face, the sun shining, an open road and the roar of an engine.  These kinds of days are what bikers live for, but even if the weather is bad, you can often find many of us riding anyways.

Is Riding for Everyone?

Riding is not for everyone, it takes focus, skill, and coordination.  There is a freedom while riding on a motorcycle that you cannot get from riding in a car; A sense of calm and peace that exists between you and your bike.  There is a healing power that come from riding a motorcycle.  Therefore, bikers have adopted the term Wind Therapy, a term they use to say they are going riding.  They are going to get Wind Therapy.

Riding a motorcycle also has the added benefit of a full body workout.  To balance on and maneuver the bike safely, you must use all your muscles.  There is a common misbelief that motorcycle riders are lazy.  This is untrue, as most bikes weigh upwards of 300 pounds. A bicycle on average weighs just 17 pounds.

How do candles and motorcycles come together?

So how do candles and motorcycles come together?  Easy.  Candles are also therapeutic.  Candles are calming and add a sense of warmness to a space.  So, it was easy to put two things I love together into one beautiful package.  The great outdoors is known for its healing.  Wind Therapy candles brings the scents of the outdoors to the indoors, creating a calming effect for those days you cannot be outside getting your Wind Therapy.

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