Memorial Candles and Scent

Memorial candles require a sympathetic heart and a sensitive touch.  I try to be empathetic with how that person viewed their loved one when I make a memorial candle.  A memorial candle that I am often asked to make is for a pet that has passed on.  When we had to put our own dog to sleep, it helped me to really understand how important the small details can be to the grieving person.

Experts say that scent is our strongest link to memory.  Scent can remind us of unpleasant things and it can also remind us of the best of things as well.  The emotional brain, or Olfactory, triggers things of significance to our memories.  It can often prompt powerful responses.

Our emotions are tied so strongly to scent that it can even affect our moods.  It’s one of the reasons I focus on bringing the scents of the outdoors to the indoors.  Nature is one of the best natural healers.  Food scents are also a very strong memory trigger.  The smell of fresh baked goods can bring a smile to anyone’s face.

A properly scented candle will give you or a friend a fond memory every time the candle it lit.  I can custom make labels in a variety of ways.  A picture and/or a quote give the memorial candle label a special touch.  Personalization is available with any scent available.

With memorial candles, my goal is to help you remember your loved one through your strongest memory; scent.

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