About Us

Wind Therapy Candles is a small home-based business in the Pacific Northwest.  I use products solely from trusted U.S. based businesses.  The ingredients in my candles are free of additives or fillers that can be harmful or toxic.  All the fragrances used are Phthalate free and mixed in a para-soy wax and after being put through a rigorous testing process they go from my home to yours.  Wind Therapy Candles offers the highest quality candles with the strongest scent throws available at an affordable price.  I take great pride in making a superior product you can enjoy for hours.

*Reusable- The glass jars and tins available can be cleaned and repurposed for various other uses, such as jewelry tins, or flower vases.

*100 % Made in the U.S.A

*Low Toxicity- Most soy candles from our competitors are loaded with fillers. The FDA allows a 100% pure label to be advertised on those candles as long as they contain 51% soy. The mixed paraffin wax offers a stability to the soft nature of the soy without adding harmful ingredients. 

*Pricing- My candles are at least half the cost of large corporate Candle Companies.

Wind Therapy Candles is a supporter of Motorcycle Safety and Awareness

You can easily contact us here at Wind Therapy Candles for any questions or comments.

Phone: 425-531-3111

Email: [email protected]